Personal Development Workshops

Corporate & Personal Development Workshops

Through our workshops, we aim to empower and inspire you in creative ways. The style is practical with role-playing, games and exercises to learn tools that can assist you to make the changes that will improve the quality of your life.

Personal Development Workshops in Gran Canaria

Enjoy a holistic holiday in beautiful surroundings, while you learn new skills for life and meet new people. Our personal development workshops are designed to enhance your wellbeing with inspiring and uplifting activities:

  • Life and work balance: Explore your needs and values, so that you can focus on what matters to you. Discover how to set boundaries to achieve your objectives.
  • Creativity development: Release your creative potential and start to live more creatively.
  • Assertiveness training and confidence enhancement: Develop assertive skills to gain confidence and stand your ground.
  • Visualisation techniques: Learn the power of mental imagery as a source of inspiration to reach your goals and change your life.

All workshops take place at a local venue. The format is in small groups and consist of 14 hrs. of training during 2/4 days.

Fees: The cost of the training is £200 - €220 (Weekend or 4 days workshop)

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Corporate Workshops

  • Deal with burnout and stress at work
  • Conflict resolution techniques
  • Facilitate life and work balance
  • Overcome bullying and harassment
  • Communication skills - Assertiveness training
  • Improve the quality of service delivery to customers
  • Develop corporate social responsibility programmes
  • Promote employee motivation and team building in your organisation