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Bullying or psychological harassment

It happens in all walks of life, not only in schools and at work, but also in the neighbourhood, cultural and sports associations. In an increasingly competitive society, bullying or psychological harassment is widespread. Although, the most common image is that of the bully who terrorizes other children, with their cruelty and meanness in the schoolyard. This child will become later the adult bully, so it is very important to have campaigns of education and prevention for such attitudes in the primary age.

It is a throwback to earlier stages of man, when there were no civil laws and rules of coexistence. The bully wants to impose its will. He/she does not respect hierarchies, and anything goes. In these environments, the law of the bully wins, making schools and businesses a field of constant hostility and aggression.

In addition, economic pressure, insecurity and daily stress, produces tension and violence in the families, which spreads like a plague throughout society. It seems that the lack of values and spirituality creates a vacuum, an uneasiness, which results in anxiety and an intense desire to control others.

Bullies destroy the confidence and the proper functioning of groups. They are unable to recognise their mistakes and blame other people. They have a need of recognition and prominence, so they do not allow in their circles bright and competent people. His/her modus operandi is to undermine the credibility of the victims, making them appear clumsy and taking their good ideas and work. It is a kind of cannibalism, absorbing the life energy of the victim and then destroying it. They always choose people that they envy for their achievements and experience.

Usually, the victims are people who stand out, intelligent and nonconformist who question the poor internal procedures and cooperate with the proper functioning of the group. For this reason, the bully tries at all costs to destroy his/her image with an unfair campaign, where the bully slowly attempts to discredit a more competent person. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent and detect signs of bullying or psychological harassment in the companies, schools and society in general.

Inma Romero

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