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The power of thoughts

The power that thoughts have in our emotions and the ability to accept or overcome difficulties is essential. If the dominant thoughts are negative and critical, then the capacity to transcend them is diminished and affects the self-esteem.

The opposite will happen, if the thoughts are more realistic and positive. It is important to learn to recognise these negative thoughts and how they impact on your state of mind and behaviour.

Example: Avoiding new experiences.

These negative thoughts may lead to depression, as they inhibit the enjoyment of life. You can help yourself, if you are aware of your negativity and self-doubts. When you are depressed or anxious, try to identify the thoughts that have led to this state of mind.

Example: You think before an exam that you will not pass. Therefore, you do not study more and fail, confirming your original premise and thus creating a vicious circle.

When negative emotions overwhelm you, try to change the critical thoughts with more realistic and positive thoughts.

Example: I will try to study a little more, I am sure I will do well. This positive attitude will lead to more energy to achieve the goal and pass the exam.

If you do not get what you want, try to think that at least you tried. With a positive attitude, we can learn from our mistakes. The next time you will work harder and will already know what your limitations are and what you can do to pass the test.

Example: The next time I will try to study more and will motivate me from the outset with positive thoughts.

Inma Romero

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